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So I had a conversation recently with someone and I was a bit shocked to hear that they were reading the sixth book of harry pothead – i mean harry potter series. I had to remind that person that there is a movie coming out soon on that book, ok i know books have words which are powerfull and all that crap but the point is I personally wouldnt read a book at all in the first place but i would read a book if its a new book or I have no information on it knowing theres a movies based on it I would just watch the movie maybe a little ignorant but thats how I am and i would say that it would be the logical thing to do watch the movie read the book if u dont like the movie.



  1. ukebloke Says:

    I’m staggered. I can only assume you’ve never read a good book. Putting aside the edifying, rewarding, enjoyable and educational aspects of reading for a moment, the film version of a book can only ever be a thin approximation of the original written work. Even great film adaptations have to leave out huge amounts of material, character development and often entire plot lines and sub-plots. The average half decent novel would probably take a dozen hours or so to convey in an anything like complete film form.

    I’m not saying books are better than films; they are completely different media, which is my point; watching a film adaptation of a book is not equivalent to reading the book, just as driving round Laguna Seca in a video game can show you every aspect of the race circuit, but is nothing like actually racing there in a 200MPH race car.

  2. thoughtblender Says:

    Im not in any way saying books are better or movies are better but just putting forward my opinion that I prefer watching a movie rather than reading books. Iam just that lazy thats all im sure book are more educational and imaginative than movies I get your point mate Its not like actual racing but I dont mind the video game.

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